About Us

Who are we?

We are a team of entrepreneur and designers with diverse backgrounds, living in San Francisco California. 

The team originally came from Europe, Middle East, Japan, China and Colorado, and we feel deeply grateful that we can live and breath this wonderful country.


However there are times when we think: it's actually not that great to live in the U.S.  


Because sometimes it's just too expensive living here, and we see people struggle with their lives because of the sky-rocketing expense of living.

Just like the article published by the New York Times a couple of days ago, titled: "San Francisco Is So Expensive, You Can Make Six Figures and Still Be ‘Low Income’". 

We think it's an insult, and we decided to change it. One baby-step at a time.

What we do?

We created Corner Gem, the brand that provides quality items for you, without charing expensive premium prices.

Everyday items, even with quality and great design, should be affordable, period.

How we do that?

We spend months, go to factories, negotiate with their owners.

For you, we work with them side by side to design, manufacture and ship awesome goods.

Since we cut out all the middlemen and deliver the goods directly to you, Corner Gem saves you on average 50% comparing to brands like Walmart, Costco etc.

Silhouette of foot and needle of sewing machine

What we care?

1) We care about you, and your satisfaction

When you buy with us, we promise your satisfaction by providing 30 days hassle free return & refund. No questions asked.

2) We care about people around you

Each time you buy with us, we donate $1 to Feed America. We want to make the world a better place to live, with you, together.


Have a question? Shot us an email: cs@cornergem.com