Corn Stripper
Corn Stripper
Corn Stripper
Corn Stripper
Corn Stripper

Corn Stripper

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Fastest Corn Stripper In The World!

Safer than knife. Make your prep time for corn dishes 50% faster!


  • UNIQUE DESIGN -- Compact and easy-to-use corn stripper, Crafted of solid high quality stainless steel which is heavy duty and last a long life without any corrosion, it won't rust, bend, break or weaken at the joints.
  • HIGH QUALITY - With the sharp teeth, efficiently peels several rows of corn kernels perfectly without the mess. Not only fast, but also safer than using a knife.
  • OPERATE - Corn thresher has a smooth handle that makes for a nice grip. Easily strip corn of kernels in one twisting/pushing motion.
  • EFFICIENT - Stainless steel blades make quick work of corn kernels. Strip an entire cob of corn in seconds, saving time and effort.